Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Prep

Tomorrow I officially start working for the 2014-2015 school year. Although I did not lose all the weight I wanted to this summer (lost between 10-11 and wanted to lose 20), I have worked through some things and got some good habits going again. I don't want to ruin it with the back to work stress, so I already meal planned and prepared all my food. 

I also started to pull out some of my dress clothes from storage too. I was hoping to be down a size by now, but at least my clothes fit better. I need to remember I could barely zip my pants up in June and now I don't feel like I am going to bust the seams out of them. Truthfully, I should have been wearing a bigger size at the end of last year but refused to buy any since it was almost summer break. 

Since I didn't get to blogging what I've been eating, here are some pics of some yummy and healthy meals:

Pizza on a 100% whole wheat crust with turkey pepperoni

Turkey Burger

Here is the food I prepared for my first week back to work:

Still eating the 100% whole wheat, high fiber, low sugar pancakes, turkey bacon, and fruit for breakfast.

Another snack

Campfire chicken packets (took out of the foil for storage)

I know this doesn't look appetizing, but it makes lunches easier for the week. These are almond butter and strawberry jam sandwiches.

Here is to keeping up the good habits while getting in the groove of being back at work.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weight Loss Center

Believe it or not, I have been actually working on losing weight again during the month of July and have had some success. My lowest weight was down 10 pounds for the month. As of the beginning of August, I have somehow gained a pound back. I'm not too worried about it and hope to have another successful month. I have gone from eating candy bars everyday to doughnuts everyday to neither now. That is also a huge success. I've also been cooking my own food again. I tried two new recipes last week. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of blogging, so I forgot pictures of one of the meals - the clean eating stuffed peppers. For breakfast I have been having whole wheat, high fiber, low sugar pancakes, turkey bacon, and a banana. It feels very decadent for a weight loss breakfast. 

I also made some crispy southwest chicken wraps. I tried them once with making a bowl out of a whole wheat tortilla shell which was also yummy. 

I have set up a small "weight loss center" on the back of my office door. Since I am in grad school, I spent a lot of time in my office doing school work. I thought it would be nice to have a reminder a few feet away from me when I am stressed out with grad school work. I got two skinny dry erase boards (only $1.99 a piece), a full length mirror (only $3.99), a chalkboard ($1), and two pencil pouches ($0.97 a piece) to use for my weight loss gems. Here's what my new weight loss center looks like for now (might add a little something else later):

I've also update a few pages on my blog and will be working on updating the rest before I have to go back to work on the 18th. My goal this school year is to stick to it no matter how stressed out and crazy I am between work and grad school. Even if it is small, quick things, I will stick to it. Even if it means frozen dinners and easier meals, I will stick to it. I am really quite tired of being over 200 pounds and hope to be done with the 200's in the next two months.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week Recap + Food Prep

Before I go into the food I prepared for this week, let's review my goals and how I did this week. My goals were:
  • No more fast food
  • No more pop
  • Try my hardest to meal plan, cook for the week, and eat everything that I made
  • Try to move a little bit everyday
I had one fast food meal this week which was a cheese quesadilla from Taco Bell. I didn't feel the greatest after eating it, so that should be a good reminder of why I have this goal. I was successful at drinking no pop at all this week. I consider myself super successful since I drank all plain or infused water this week except for one bottle of flavored while I was out shopping. I did meal plan and ate most of it, but didn't eat it all. I did not work out at all last week due to feeling sick and my Achilles tendon bothering me again.  

I want to keep the goals that I made last week again this week (as long as my tendon doesn't bother me too much to do some kind of workout). I would also like to add another goal. My new goal is to eat less junk food in between meals. Right now I'm thinking I stop on the way home from work and get one serving size of a junk food treat to eat right then and that is it. 

I am excited to eat the food I made for this week. My meals are things that could be unhealthy, but I made healthier homemade versions. 



Trying a new recipe - hope they taste good!



My adult version of a healthier Lunchable with whole wheat Wheat Thins, reduced fat cheese, lower sodium lunch meat, and grapes.



Oven baked chicken fajitas



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Days in a Row

Look at this, two posts in a row! Not too much for me to say today though. I ate almost on plan like I posted yesterday, but I did substitute something else for my dinner. I had one last microwave dinner left, so I ate it tonight. It was chicken nuggets and a couple of smiley face fries. My dinners for the rest of the week will be turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. I also had a couple of junk food items, but I made sure to eat my healthy snacks first to fill me up more. I had a couple of sugar cookies and one cupcake.I know that may sound horrible, but it is really nothing compared to the amount of junk I have been eating in one day. 

As for my goals... 
  • I drank all water today, so that was good. No pop and no fake sugar, no calorie drinks. 
  • No fast food!
  • Ate almost on plan except for dinner (explained above).
  • I didn't really get too much movement in, but I am feeling sick. I had a horrible sore throat and now it is more irritated than sore. I'm also really tired and achy. I'm not going to push it since I need to make it through the workweek and class on Thursday night.
Since I'm tired and not feeling well, the plans for tonight are to get everything ready for work tomorrow and then watch The Voice. Hopefully the rest will do me good since Wednesdays are my busiest day at work.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Back...

To put it simply- I've missed blogging. I also have missed the success that I had when I was blogging. Even though things can get crazy between working full time and graduate school, I really would like to take some "me time" to blog again. 

Since New Years (and even before) I've been cycling between being successful for a few weeks/month and then completely falling off the wagon for a few weeks/month. This leads to losing and gaining the same few pounds over and over. It would be crazy to think about how much I would have lost by now if I kept going down in weight instead of see-sawing back and forth. 

I've also been thinking about how I told myself I was going to be at a healthy weight and in shape by the time I was thirty. I've been thirty since the end of November, but I'm only eight pounds away from my heaviest weight. Not exactly a great feeling. Thirty is a big deal birthday and it starts hitting you that you are not as young anymore. I think that my thirties will be awesome since there should hopefully be some big milestones such as having children, getting a master's degree, and possibly being a counselor. I don't want to forgo those things or be uncomfortable doing them because of my weight and lack of being in shape.

I've found the motivation to start working on weight loss again. I lost six pounds in January just by eating right. Then I proceeded to gain four of them back in February and up to now in March. I want to change many things right now, but I know if I do too much I will want to give up. Here are some goals for the rest of March:
  • No more fast food (unless in a total bind, but I shouldn't be)
  • No more pop (I was drinking diet, but still not good for you)
  • Try my hardest to meal plan, cook for the week, and eat everything that I made
  • Try to move a little bit everyday (even if it is just a short walk or cleaning)
I did meal plan this weekend and food prepped for the week. Here is what I'm eating this week:


I'll also have a vitamin and a fruit strip with this.




Whole wheat spaghetti with ground turkey in the sauce.



Turkey burgers - sweet potato fries will be the side


If you add some chocolate chips, honey, and peanut butter, it kind of makes the yogurt taste like a cookie.

Something new I'm trying to drink instead of pop:

I added one lime, one cucumber, and some mint leaves. It tastes really good.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meal Prep for Sept. 16 - Sept. 20 + Quick Recap of Last Week

My goal for the Back to Basics Challenge was to track what I eat this past week. I didn't track anything! Maybe being half on track and half off plan has a part in it... Anyway, I do plan on remedying it this week. I have done WW online, My Fitness Pal, and Lose It! They are all good if you like using them, but I'm not so big on tracking each little ingredient I eat, especially by calories. My goal is to start tracking by posting photos of everything I eat. That is what I did the first time I was successful at losing weight. I might not write a post on my blog everyday, but if I don't I will post something on the Facebook page for this blog.

I did manage to take a picture of one cute outfit from last week. I wore it on Monday, since I have class and there was one little Purdue P on the dress. I actually felt cute wearing this outfit.

I got some cheap ballet flats to wear with skirts, so I still look dressy. I can fit my orthodics in them, but the back of my feet and top of my feet had blisters from the shoes rubbing on them all day.

I enjoy ear cuff earrings, so I was glad I was able to wear them in a "classier" way for work.

I also wore a nice necklace that the hubs got me for Christmas a few years ago.

The only other pictures from the week are of what I spent my Saturday night doing. Reading for class in bed with the dogs fighting and not helping me concentrate. I didn't realize my chapter for Monday was 82ish pages long and put it off until this weekend. I won't do that again!

I did mange to get a quick food prep in as well today. I made turkey burgers for my lunches with whole wheat sandwich thins, toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese), and sweet potato fries.

I'm still struggling with craving McDonald's Egg McMuffins for breakfast. I once again made my own and my goal this week is to eat more of my homemade ones that McDonald's ones.

I also got some snacks ready for the week.

I didn't prepare dinners, because my hubs cooks two days a week and I typically eat leftovers the other days.

Here's to a week of tracking!

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Eats for Week One of the Back to Basics Challenge

I wanted to post daily about what I ate, but it was a busy week. I tend to stick to the same foods most of the week anyway, so it isn't a big deal.

Breakfasts (around 5:30ish): This is one of my two big downfalls this week. I prepped my health Eeg McMuffins, but still craved (and gave into) the real Egg McMuffin as a meal with a Diet Coke. Who needs pop for breakfast? I know most people drink coffee and it is basically the same idea with caffeine to get your day started. Either way, this is one of the things I'll be working on for week two- no McDonald's breakfasts on weekdays before work.

First a.m. snack (7:30ish): I don't have a ton of time once I get to work to get prepped for the day and eat a snack, so I keep it simple and already prepared. Usually some kind of protein or granola bar.

Second a.m. snack (10:00): My staple for this snack is baby carrots and a piece of light string cheese.

Lunch (11:30): This is something that I change week to week, but usually eat the same thing at least all five days of the work week. This week I had a simple chicken recipe (baked chicken breasts with salsa and tortilla chips), rice, and broccoli.

First p.m. snack (2:30-3:00ish): I made some peanut butter protein cookies from a recipe I have on Pinterest. I had them on some days and some days I ate big sugar cookies. I have been craving the frosted cookies that they sell at Family Express. I remember getting them on the drive between college and my parent's house on weekends. The one difference is that now I am overweight and then I was 120 lbs. My goal is to try to avoid the frosted cookies all together, but if the cravings get bad I will get one instead of a six pack to keep around.


Not healthy

Dinner (anywhere from 5:00-7:00 depending if I am on my own or my hubby is cooking): My husband made three meals this week and I kept the leftovers for other nights. He made chicken kebabs on the grill, rosemary chicken and broccoli, and campfire chicken packets on the grill.

I can't find my pics of the meals from when I ate them, but these are my leftovers.

Second p.m. snack: (I don't eat this everyday, just when I'm still hungry): Some days I had cookies like I discussed above, some days I had nothing, and some days I had the WW chocolates like I planned.

Since I gained weight back, I haven't bought too much in the way of clothing. I borrowed back some of my old clothes that I gave to my sister and find items on clearance once in a while to help have more choices than the same few outfits. Very little of my clothes make me feel great at the moment, but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on clothes that I hope will be big for me sometime soon. Here are a couple of outfits I wore to work in which I did feel good wearing: